Horvath Information Technologies is a Seattle based startup that I started in 2013 which aims to provide small and medium businesses with robust open source solutions that will feel like they are tailor made for any organization. Backed by cumulative decades of experience, clients work directly with engineers who want to empower and train organizations to become successful with new technologies.

About Me

Hi, I’m Zack, and the IT space has been a lifelong passion of mine.

While I’m currently heavily invested in the DevOps space, I have a pretty colorful background that ranges from generic “IT” with physical and virtualized Windows and Linux infrastructure, to working directly inside application stacks, sprinkled with some offensive security experience, and a dash of web design. Outside of that, I’m pretty active in the maker community, and have built a few 3D printers that probably would have gone on strike already if there were capable of doing so.

I’ve been working full time with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center as a Systems Engineer since early 2018, and prior to that I was a part of the founding engineering team at Amplero as a Network/Systems Engineer.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my site – feel free to check out the blog, and also feel free to reach out on LinkedIn. -Zack